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We work hand in hand with our clients understanding their goals, their work environment, as well as their vision, mission, and values, which we then embed into our recruitment service to ensure the candidates we put forward match the requisite desirables.

We offer an extension of their HR team by completing every stage towards achieving interview, and when successful, the after-service too by providing references and whatever else is required to ensure a smooth placement. It is the same with their Marketing team, as we provide an included Marketing service which involves the designing of creative marketing recruitment campaigns, with dedicated micro-sites and media campaigns to make sure we attract the absolute best of talent.

With our candidate pipeline spanning across the globe, we provide a truly global approach to healthcare recruitment. Whether you require a specialist Doctor or a team of Registered Nurses or Carers; we cater for either those one off hard to fill vacancies, or large volume recruitment.

You can rely on us.

Why it pays to work with us.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Fully vetted and compliant candidate submissions

    Candidate Video introduction so you can e-meet them before the interview to see if they fit role, culture and values

    An extension of your HR team; providing the full service of attract, search, and compliance of every candidate, with a 24/7 provision of full Pastoral Care to bring Internationals transitioning to the UK.

    Included marketing service to reach best talent, comprising:

    • Client Micro Website

      Creative candidate attraction campaigns across all digital platforms

      Advertising on a wide range of job boards

      Over 40,000 healthcare professionals’ connections on social networks

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