COVID-19 Re-Occupation Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Is A New Illness That Can Affect Your Lungs And Airways. It Is Caused By A Virus Called Coronavirus. Symptoms Can Be Mild, Moderate, Severe Or Fatal.

If advised that a member of staff or public has developed Covid-19 and were recently on our premises (including where a member of staff has visited other work place premises such as domestic premises), the management team of the workplace will contact the Public Health Authority to discuss the case, identify people who have been in contact with them and will take advice on any actions or precautions that should be taken.

Hazard Those at Risk Controls Required Additional Controls Action by Who? Action by When
Spread of Covid19 StaffVisitors Social Distancing:
  • Seperate entrance and exits through the building
  • Social distance markings on floors
  • Signage
Staff / Visitors to be reminded on a regular basis the importance of social distancing by way of notices, verbally spoken and email. Tenants of the building as well as Building Management Ongoing
Lifts - only one passenger permitted at a time, appropriate signs displayed inside Users advised to use the stairs wherever possible Staff Ongoing
Staff have been advised to keep use of kitchen to one person at a time if not possible then adhere to social distancing as per floor markings and signage. No use of the communal table and seating in the kitchen. Signs and floor markings in the kitchen area, table and chairs have been taped off to disable usage Staff Ongoing

Toilets limited to two people at anyone one-time, other cubicles have been disabled to stop use, hand dryers have been discontinued and been replaced with paper towels.

Staff have been made aware and been instructed to check before entering the toilets. Staff and other tenants Ongoing

Central Meeting Rooms have been made unusable, seating in the boardroom has been spaced in guidance with social distancing rules, hand sanitizer is provided in the boardroom, tub chairs in the waiting area have been removed.

Rooms been blocked off or changed to adhere to social distancing rules Staff Ongoing

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at all entrances and exits, to be used as required (Masks can be worn but are not mandatory.)

These will be checked regularly by the site representative and replenished as required. Staff and Building Management Ongoing


A deep clean of the Office space will have taken place before staff return to the office.

A daily clean will be carried out.

Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are provided on each workstation.

Daily clean of the common areas is undertaken as well as touchpoints cleaned throughout the day